David Jablonowski

Alibaba is one of the recent works in which David Jablonowski reflects on the rapidly changing world of the early 21st century. In this world every observation acts as a visual hyper link. All materials, objects and phenomena are primary carriers of information. The art stemming from this links seamlessly with it. It has no stable, physical form, it is a thing, an image and information at the same time and it is in a constant state of change.
The installation is based on an interview with Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba in China, the largest online store in the world. Herein is explained how he came to name his company. The interview can be heard in three languages: Chinese, English and Arabic. In a spiritually rich and visual manner, the artist connects the complexity of today’s communication and information culture, with that of the image of traditional “carriers” in the guise of three blue Chinese baskets.

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