Ilona Sagar

Familiar and yet different! In the work of Ilona Sagar’s all is very peaceful and relaxed. At the same time there is an atmosphere of extreme concentration.
In Eupnea the artist takes us into the world of healthcare. Since the fifties UK hospitals and institutions have been decorated based on standard color schemes designed to evoke a sense of peace and familiarity. The result is that for millions of people these colors have become inseparable from the experience of illness, pain, birth and death.
The strength of the film lies mainly in the combination of sensory proximity and objective detachment. It is as if two languages have been unified together, one intimate and personal, the other formal and clear.
The result is a work of art that broaches a specific and sensitive topic, but at the same time acts as a tranquil, poetic construction. The proximity, attention, and precision evoked here brings out the liberating power of our imagination, and makes us experience it in a piercing fashion.