Anouk Kruithof
Green is more than just a color

If there is anything that characterizes art nowadays, it is that it no longer governs alone. What was once the monopoly of the artist’s studio has developed in our time to a broad and infinitely divers production of images.
That these images are not thought of as art, which is usually the case, does not mean they cannot work as such. In fact, precisely the lack of artistic intentions contributes to their expressiveness. It is art that does not know its art, but therefore, for this very reason, is able to penetrate deeper into reality.
Partly inspired by Evidence, the famous photo project by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel from the seventies, Anouk Kruithof worked to develop a new series based on images that were published by a number of American companies and institutions on Instagram. Mostly images that were technically and aesthetically of rather amateurish quality, but that have all been created for a specific reason – promotion, information, teambuilding.
Green is more than just a color is a collage based on photographs of employees of Waste Managment Inc. Posing in front of a green curtain they are holding a sign with their personal suggestion for a slogan for their company. Green is more than just a color is one of them.
The result is a poignant artwork showing a rather absurd and distressing image, where what was intended as a fun promotional activity, unwittingly reveals the deep, dark background of the company.

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