Maarten Vanermen
Pixelstacking diptiek

Martin Vanermen focuses on light. From the light from a sunset to digitally controlled artificial light. The latter, in particular in the form of old-fashioned fluorescent light, buzzing tubes that produce light that is purely technical and yet also magical at the same time.
Pixelstacking diptych is the printed result of the investigation, which is typical for the work of the artist. On the left we see the analog photo image of a classic modern light fixture with two fluorescent lamps. The right image is a print showing a digital analysis of the tones from which the picture on the left is built up, logically ordered from light to dark. The result is a piece of work that is as abstract as it is realistic, and where digital and analog are closely intertwined. The specific nature of the two images, and particularly the opposition of the vertical and horizontal add beauty and meaning to it: we are not just looking at a work of art, but at the revelation of timeless, comprehensive truth.

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