Olga Balema
T-shirt translation

In T-shirt Translation Olga Balema puts the viewer in an uncomfortable position. Merely the fact that the work is on the ground alone does this! That, whilst you, intrigued by what you see, would like to view it from all sides. Hoping, as in the accompanying picture for example, to see what is going on inside.
But also the strange combination of shapes and materials calls for further study. A bent half cylinder of dark and rusted weathering steel, with a worm – shaped white object from a 3D printer. One is somewhat indolent and the other active and capricious, like a growth that has quietly wormed its way through the steel.
And as for its title- T-shirt Translation. What does this refer to? Body and attire at once? Something parallel to this, but then transformed into an aesthetical game in which life and art have an equal share.

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