Juliaan Andeweg
Lascaux trading card

Lascaux trading card is the enigmatic title of a work that does not readily expose itself. Not that the spectator immediately feels the need for an explanation, certainly not. The beauty of this work is that you can experience its power without knowing what you see. So much so that the question of how and why, are actually overruled in advance. What fascinates is the aura, that which makes it art, the rest are more or less interchangeable factors of the unknown story behind it.
This does not mean to say that the latter is of unimportance, on the contrary. It’s only in its connection with real life that this artwork can be given a role and a meaning.
But what is it exactly? A piece of dented and damaged corrugated sheet metal showing all the signs of use? Something like that. We see scratched names and characters, some recognizable, some not. Concrete references or a coherent context are missing. The meaning is not specific. What is visible and tangible is how, with the traces of existence left upon it, the world of things becomes loaded with awareness.