David Jablonowski
Many to many (stonecarving high performance)

Many to Many (Stone Carving High Performance) is a key piece of work from the first solo exhibition by David Joblonowski in America. The show, which was held in the spring of 2012 at the Dallas Contemporary Art Museum, derived its title from it.
Here the artist presented a number of new steps in his fascinating research into the capture and transfer of meanings, in other words, the work as a carrier of information. Many to Many turns this into a powerful image.
The Omnigraph which is part of Looped Message returns here as a moving image. The device is one of the key players in an orchestrated staging that immerses the viewer, in a pulsating, dynamic, but also unformed flow of picture and sound. As antagonist he presents images of cherries. Juicy, red fruits, which the artist filmed in Times Square in New York, where they appeared as screen savers on vacant displays. Fascinating, bizarre and poetic at the same time. The image carriers, consisting of an open construction of reflective surfaces and transparent flat planes are completely at one with the show, and make a significant contribution to the great visual richness of the work.

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