Chaim van Luit
Via Dolorosa

An open mind will easily link the image of the white objects on poles with that of three skulls. This association is confirmed by the title of the work. Via Dolorosa stands for the agony of Christ. Once we make the connection the image of three crosses on Calvary Mountain scroll over the work and our minds.
A second layer is revealed, as we get closer. The objects appear to be sculptures of salt, licking stones, sculpted by the rotating tongues of animals. In hunting areas they are located in the forest as food – supplements for wildlife.
Over the centuries salt has had a multitude of meanings and purposes. Because of its preserving and purifying effect it is also a symbol of eternity. A definition that fits well with the flawlessness of the salt sculptures, but simultaneously one that is in sharp contrast with the theme of suffering and death.

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