Olga Balema
Warm Bodies B

In the world of Olga Balema all objects and materials are animated. They show themselves as living beings that are in constant change. They tell stories, move in space and carry with them a mood or feeling. Even so, they exist as a work of art in its own right. Warm Bodies B is a recent work consisting of steel wire, foam and latex. The title seems not only to refer to the artwork itself – a warm and soft object, suggestive of a standing body in space – but also to an unspecified object for which it could serve as a shroud. A human body perhaps? Judging by the shape and size of the work one can make this assumption. Whilst viewing this object we only see the soft and hollow inside. The steel frame with which it is fixed keeps it not only standing, but deters us from walking around it. Only its façade is of importance, the soft cover of something invisible, but nevertheless undeniably present.

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