Zilvinas Landzbergas
60W Magic

Zilvinas Landsbergas is a young artist from Lithuania who completed his training in Amsterdam and who since has been paving his way internationally. In his work, the artist plays a game with our consciousness. He brings us into a world we easily recognize, but where everything is slightly different. Small shifts invite us to observe well, with the ultimate realization that we live in a controlled and constructed world, where underneath a different, more animated reality is hidden. Where everything is as much reality as it is an illusion.
60W Magic is made up of materials that you can buy at any hardware store. The key to the work lies in the perforated hardboard. This ensures that the blocks have two different forms: that of an object in space and that of a light source.
At first sight the blocks appear to be like a typical modern sculpture. They are appropriate in size and proportion, clear in form, and homogeneous in the use of material.
The second guise only appears if you stand directly in front of it. The pattern with perforated holes and the lamplight behind it, ensure that the sculpture immediately loses its thingness. This effect is enhanced by the slightest movement of the eye, which immediately brings about changes in the pattern. What appeared at first to be both measurable and tangible evades our perception. Nothing here is what it at first appears to be.

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