Zilvinas Landzbergas

Why on earth would you make something like this three-wheeler? All that trouble to copy something that already exists? It is exactly the same as the original, the same size, same color, everything. Except that it is made of cardboard, something you only notice when you get closer.
Zilvinas Landsbergas is a young artist from Lithuania who completed his training in Amsterdam and who since has been paving his way internationally. In his work, the artist plays a game with our consciousness. He brings us into a world we easily recognize, but where everything is slightly different. Small shifts invite us to observe well, with the ultimate realization that we live in a controlled and constructed world, where underneath a different, more animated reality is hidden. Where everything is as much reality as it is an illusion.
The cardboard three-wheeler gives us a clear impression of this: nothing is as object-like, as suited to practical use as this is. But the very fact that we are not on the street, but in the white box of an exhibition space makes us look at it with very different eyes. This object is an image, a projection of an idea. The fact that it is made of cardboard confirms this. We step into a dreamlike world. Everything is recognizable and real, albeit stripped of the rationality of time and space. In this animated world each object, each material, each form helps contribute to the bigger picture of life.

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