Navid Nuur

From a purely material point of view the artwork consists of no more than two blocks of Styrofoam and a dia projector. However, what you perceive is something quite different.
Navid Nuur prefers to work with materials and images that are already there. What he adds as an artist is above all a new context and coherence. Such that new meanings are revealed which lay hidden beneath the surface.
No one sees the image of a boulder in the styrofoam. On the contrary, the material is like the embodiment of weightlessness. However, by giving it an evocative shape and by placing it largely in the dark the artist deprives us of any perception of its actual physical qualities. Everything becomes pure imagination, pure illusion. Styrofoam becomes stone.
The same applies to the projector. Actually just a machine, just a thing, but in the dark returned to what is in the depths of its essence: an extremely bright and sharp light.
The play with illusion and reality at the heart of the sculpture come to denouement. The light splits the rock, which in turn reveals the light. It is very exciting to see.
And for those who want to go a step further: it does not take much effort to find a mystical dimension with various biblical associations. The two stones as tablets of the covenant, and the light as the word of god.

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