Navid Nuur
Tentacle Thought #3 (TRY)

The works of Navid Nuur can – in the words of the artist – best be regarded, not as objects but as “thought modules”, visual reflections on how everything is united in the transience of existence. Nevertheless, the art work is indispensable to understand the intentions of the artist. And they are so clear that they can be understood without further explanation.
TRY is such a piece of work, as titillating as spiritual, as mundane as magical. The power of it is primarily based on the interplay of design and content. TRY is pretty much the most common statement you can make about our existence. Is it not our mission to try and try again? And besides, what else should we do?
Created in light the word gets a metaphysical dimension and becomes a universal image of enlightenment and revelation. But then united with the world today, with the language of modern technology and advertising. The hanging wires of the fluorescent tubes add another layer of meaning to it: what hangs above is merely human aspiration, fueled by the energy of our desire.

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