Navid Nuur

Direct sensoriality coupled with the metaphysics of a spiritual world. Navid Nuur brings the viewer to the threshold of a mystical experience. Also with Untitled, the dialogue of material and image alone makes this carpet a fascinating piece of work.
On the one hand there is the warmth and softness of the fabric, on the other hand the distance and coldness of the image that is printed on it. Nothing is so far away, so “cold” as the stars. The sublime and the elusive fill us with a sense of awe and smallness. And yet, at the same time we are irresistibly attracted.
In the trail left by the touch of his fingers it all comes together. They make the material of the carpet visible and at the same time are suggestive of reaching for the stars. Here the tactile experience and metaphysical distance become one.
But there are more reasons why you immediately fall under the spell of this work. Tapestry, isn’t that something typically oriental? Here the Iranian roots of the artist also come to mind. A world long before modern science and technology. When arts purpose was to depict the mystical unity of creation. As do oriental rugs with their abstracted representations of nature and the cosmos. By performing this with the aid of the latest digital printing technology Navid Nuur connects them with the world of the twenty-first century. He blows new life into an old tradition, and suggests the possibility of a new spirituality.

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